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In the morning of the 1st of May (Labour Day) in the 1991 phone was ringing pretty early what was a little strange for holiday. And the ring was like it is distance call coming out of the country. I picked up phone said something in Slovenian but there was no answer. I went back to the bed, when phone was ringing again. I picked up phone once more and this time I heard a child’s voice. It had to be a girl. She asked:” Did I get Yugoslavia?” I answered, “Yes”. And than she continued: “ I am from Denmark. We planned to go to summer holidays to Yugoslavia, but now my parents are talking there will be war in Yugoslavia. Will be there war?”

I was surprised. The political situation in our country was bad, however I was not thinking about war at all. So I answered: “No there will be no war at all.”

At the end of June the war started in Slovenia, continuing in Croatia followed by most cruel one in Bosnia. I was completely wrong; I hope that Danish people did not go to Yugoslavia.

And that was really strange event, which I could not explain.

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  1. None is ever prepared for a war, right?

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